SBU (Special Bonus Unit) is a name of consumer credit point, user can use SBU to purchase merchandise at SLG Mall and SBU Merchant with accept SBU Point.

SBU is a multi-function system developed by SLG Group. It adopts global innovative business model, that through business alliances and SBM Bonus profit regenerating system, it will able to return profits and benefits back to the consumers. Businesses and consumers will be able to get SBU points and discounts at the same time.

SBU uses BANCUS value-added spending model to link assets with spending thus enabled wealth accumulation at the same time. Its intelligent value-added profit regenerating system can be use in our daily life to solve currency circulation and inflation challenges effectively. SBU also helps in keeping consumers informed about right ways in managing money and wealth and enabled consumers to spend smartly with joy!

(Spend with growing assets.)